We do the hard work to help you own the properties that you have always dreamt of


Redshore Investments is a private limited liability company incorporated in 2015 in Portugal. The purpose of the company is to purchase real estate properties, to manage and resell; including local housing or leasing, transfer of exploitation or others.

It can be a daunting task for people who have little to no knowledge in closing deals, making investments, managing properties or buying and reselling and thus are unsure of what to expect from the shifting landscape and modern requirements of the market. This is where Redshore Investments bring its years of experience to help clients make educated decision.

Redshore provides end to end facility from purchase to management of property thru a third party local Portuguese law firm.

Founded by Sheharyar Ali, Redshore Investments promises transparency in all its dealings hence aiming for a trustworthy and long lasting relationship with its clients.

Core Values

  • Honesty & Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standards and demonstrate honesty and integrity in all our actions.
  • Trust: We believe in delivering what we promise with complete transparency to our clients and work diligently to gain their confidence.
  • Quality: We deliver quality consistently and promise to deliver excellence.

Contact Us

Address: Rua do Conde Redondo, n.º 82, 2.º Esquerdo, parish of Santo António, municipality of Lisboa, 1150-109, Lisboa


Useful information available in Incorporation Agreement:
Legal Nature: Private Limited Liability Company


  • The purpose of the Company is the purchase of real estate properties to resell, management of real estate properties, including local housing or leasing, transfer of exploitation or others.
  • The Company may freely and upon decision or resolution of the Board of Directors, acquire participations in the share capital of already incorporated or to be incorporated companies, even with a different purpose of business and even ruled by special laws as well as to associate itself, in any legally allowed form, with natural or legal persons, namely in order to participate in “agrupamentos complementares de empresas”, consortiums and associations in participation or other type of economic activity.